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Big Day for Ike Davis

February 26, 2010

Ike Davis has been the story of the day down in Spring Training today. Davis who will be 23 in a month will most likely begin the season in double-A Binghamton but there could be a small possibility that he breaks camp with the big league club. Matt Cerrone of Metsblog has been following him around all day posting live video of his workouts which I recommend watching. Cerrone says about his fielding:

Ike Davis looks very fluid in the field at first base, he doesn’t seem antsy and appears confident in his movements, especially on short hops.

Davis’ hitting looked good to. David Lennon on Twitter said:

Ike Davis just hit a Jon Niese curve ball about 395 ft to CF.

Very impressive Ike. After Niese threw BP it was minor leaguer RA Dickey’s turn, who is a knuckleballer. Steve Popper said on Twitter:

RA Dickey throwing wind-blown knuckleballs – Ike Davis still hits a pair to left and right field track. Should be illegal – RA Dickey finishes and the batters who were adjusting to knuckleball now get Jenrry Mejia, a wild 98 MPH. Enjoy

Sounds hard. Since I am not at spring training and can only post what I read about, that is all I know about Ike for now.

Image from

Davis is hitting with Fernando Martinez among others who all have to go from knuckleballer to fireballer. Rich Coutinho on Twitter said about Mejia:

Two words on mejilla Very impressive

I wish I was down there in Port St. Lucie. Sounds fun. All good news from 2 of the top prospects. Ike Davis and Jenry Mejia.


Ed Ryan at Mets Fever makes a good point about Davis saying that they shouldn’t rush him because they have had bad success rushing their prospects. It is a good point because they don’t need to. They have Murphy and Jacobs this year. If you scroll down and read my comment I said that unlike last year when it made sense to bring up Ruben Tejada even if it was rushing him because Reyes was injured and the Mets had no depth at SS. This year they don’t need to.

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