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Jerry’s Batting Order

February 26, 2010

Source Metsblog

  1. Angel Pagan CF
  2. Luis Castillo 2B
  3. Jose Reyes SS
  4. Jason Bay LF (or David Wright)
  5. David Wright 3B (or Jason Bay)
  6. Daniel Murphy 1B
  7. Jeff Francouer RF
  8. Rob Barajas C
  9. Pitcher

You can read what I think by clicking on Jose Reyes’ name. Post a comment with what you think.


Metsblog then said:

from what i can tell, reyes hitting third is all about keeping him fresh… he broke down a bit, and slowed down, at the end of 2007 season, as well as the end of 2008, then he got hurt in 2009… hitting him third will put less emphasis on stealing bases, and more emphasis on driving in runs, and reyes does put the ball in play… plus, he’s going to see a good diet of fastballs hitting in front of wright and bay, especially if one of pagan or luis are on base… i’m warming up to this… though, i still worry about complicating things for him, at this point, coming off of last season… i’d rather see them just let jose be jose… but, in either case, it seems temporary, until Carlos Beltran returns

I understand the reasoning but like Matt said “let jose be jose.”  I don’t like the idea at all. I would rather him get a day off every now and again to stay fresh. Don’t change him. Jose is good the way he is.

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