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Reyes is Debriefed, Darryl Likes Francoeur

February 28, 2010

Last Thursday Jose Reyes met with the FBI about seeing canadian Dr. Tony Galea. Galea is under investigation by the FBI for smuggling HGH into the United States. Reyes was surprised by the FBI seeing him but he said that he knew exactly what Galea put in his body and it wasn’t steroids. The FBI told Reyes that he had nothing to worry about. There are also other athletes that saw Galea including Tiger Woods and Carlos Delgado.

I wouldn’t worry. Reyes doesn’t seem like the guy that would take steroids and he isn’t showing in this spring. As Richard Neer was saying on WFAN, he hopes Jack Bauer doesn’t stab him with a knife to get information from Reyes. I love 24.

In other news from camp today, Jeff Franceur says that Mets camp is completely different from Braves camp and he thinks he will continue the last two months of last season into this season.

Photo from Metsblog and taken by Michael Baron.

Well every player thinks that they will have a good year. Just hope that Francoeur is right.

Former Met and spring training coach Darryl Strawberry has been working with Francoeur and had this to say:

“I think he should be a 25-homer-a-year guy, with 90 to 100 RBIs easy…You don’t just hit 25 home runs one year, then you drop off and you’re done. That’s not how this game works. When you have the ability – and he has the tools to do it – it’s just all about the right mind-set and the right approach to hitting.”

I think Francoeur can hit 20-25 homers but I doubt he will drive in 100. 80 maybe but he strikes out a lot and NEVER walks.

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