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Poll: Ike Davis on Opening Day Roster?

March 4, 2010

In today’s game, Ike Davis hit a grand slam in the 8th inning. In a post to Metsblog, I wrote a comment asking what people thought of him and will he make the opening day roster.  Here are some of the responses:

dlbags said:

Absolutely the when is the thing. I’d say if he keeps showing the discipline he has at the plate and bats lefties like he has so far; which is the only reason he’s not up yet he could really do it.

Oddly he’s made two errors and his D is supposed to be one of the best things about him.

if I were Daniel Murphy I’d be really worried with what we’ve seen thus far. But it’s only 3 days and and he’s been seeing the iffy pitchers. So who knows?

Still it’s hard not to get excited about him.

I wouldn’t say Murphy get nervous just yet. 3 days vs. minor league pitchers but “it’s hard not to get excited about him” I completely agree with. Why else would I be focussing the blog on him.

freshprince07 said:

I don’t think so and I hope not. No reason to rush Ike to the big leagues just yet, Murphy is more than adequate at 1st for now.

lezgomets said:

I don’t think he’ll make the team. Not because his skills aren’t good enough to go in the bigs, I just think that the Mets don’t want to rush him to the bigs. When players get rushed to the bigs the outcome usually isn’t that good. He is very talented though, that was one of the hardest hit balls I ever saw. This kid has some serious talent, and he just needs a little more seasoning in AAA. If he keeps showing the Mets that he can hit that good then I am sure that he will be the Opening Day first baseman for 2011. I can’t wait to see this phenom play with the Mets.

Davis is definitely the first basemen of the future especially if Murphy doesn’t step it up this year (I do expect murphy to have a good year though).

The reaction seems to be that Davis should not be on the roster and stick to Murphy. Please answer this poll about what to do:

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